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    We are going to Belfast in June! Meet us at the Digital DNA Conference. As we are going to sponsor too one of the startups that going to win the golden ticket for Dream Builder by Wonka Lab

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    we participated at the biggest world tech conference in the world Collision 2016

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    we provide solutions to protect you

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    we build community to rescue you

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    we offer services for a safe life

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    we participated at the biggest world tech conference in the world Web Summit 2015

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    we won the third trophy of innovation Tunisia 2016

Who we are
BeThree is a Tunisian startup specialized in healthcare-related mobile applications and intelligent products abiding by international standards to help you maintain yourself and protect your life. Our team works on offering you the best healthcare products that can be used easily and in the shortest time.

BeThree utilizes the latest medical technologies and algorithms to detect and analyze multiple biological signals. By implementing novel approaches we can better understand how to assist people with chronic diseases.


Our wearable devices use the latest sensors to provide accurate measures with efficiency and to better analyze data giving people peace of mind. Our solutions are easy to set up and automate, comforting clients and their loved ones.


Through our algorithms and continuous signal monitoring, our solution can analyze a patient's medical status and monitor changes in real-time. With our device, we can detect, predict, and prevent severe conditions such as fainting, falling, seizure, and stroke.


We are bridging the gap between different healthcare fields using our secure communication systems allowing doctors and emergency responders to exchange critical information with accuracy and efficiency. With better data, healthcare professionals are able to provide a better quality of care.


We are committed to helping our clients find security and peace of mind. To achieve this, we are building a community of rescuers, researchers, and creators to help each other innovate even better solutions.


The technology used in the BeThree products launches us into a new era of big data and internet of things. Through extensive data and connectivity, our company will make strides in healthcare by giving the research community access to new information in ways never used before.

BeThree Survey

In an effort to improve our service,
BeThree is conducting a research about our clients. Your input can help us to know about your needs.
We estimate that it will take you approximately 5 minutes to complete the survey.
Partners & Testimonials

This kind of healthcare solutions and the young people who work on developing it are Tunisia that we dream to build for tomorrow .

Noomane Fehri Tunisian Minister of Information Technologies and Communications

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